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Food Processing in Wisconsin

Considering a relocation or expansion of your business? Look below at the sampling of Food Processing & Technology companies that are growing throughout Rock County, WI.

Chew on This

See How Rock County and Wisconsin Rank in Food Processing


  • Ranks 1st in pheasants.
  • Ranks 2nd in corn, soybeans, grains, oilseeds, dry beans and dry peas.
  • Ranks 3rd in value of crops, including nursery and greenhouse.
  • Ranks 6th in sheep and lambs.
  • Ranks 7th in hogs and pigs.
  • Is the 9th largest county in Wisconsin with a population of 160,477 and a labor force of 85,000 +/-.



  • Ranks 1st in cheese, cranberries, and ginseng, as well as beans for processing, corn for silage, and organic dairy and livestock.
  • Ranks 2nd in butter, milk, milk cows, carrots, sweet corn for processing, and organic hay and silage, and in the number of organic farms.
  • Ranks 3rd in organic corn, green peas, and potatoes.
  • Ranks 4th in maple syrup, oats, tart cherries, cucumbers for pickles, and organic soybeans.
  • Ranks 5th in mint for oil.
  • Ranks 6th in the Top 20 States for Processed Food Cluster Employment.

CHEW ON THIS: Wisconsin Industry Facts



  • Is one of the most diverse agricultural states in the nation, providing a stable grower base and decades of agricultural experience.
  • Farm and agricultural businesses generate more than $51.5 billion in economic activity, providing jobs for 420,000 people.
  • Largest manufacturing industry is food processing, which is represented by 10,277 firms that
    generate a payroll of nearly $2.2 billion and gross annual revenues of approximately $10 billion.
  • Has a concentration of skilled and affordable food-grade fabricators.
  • Organic farming has more than doubled in the last five years, with nearly 1,000 farms.
  • Has access to 69% of the nation’s freshwater supply.
    • – It fully renews this resource with annual precipitation.
  • Is a leader in training and tech transfer.
    • It was the first state to establish a technical college system.
    • It was the first state to set up apprenticeship agreements with employers.
    • Its Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) has 47 campuses and numerous outreach centers.
      offers manufacturing assessments, quality-improvement assistance, and worker training that is custom-tailored to company needs.
    • Food industries frequently turn to the WTCS for training in supervisory skills, quality improvement, microcomputer applications, and conversational workforce Spanish.
  • Public and private colleges have more than 35 programs designed to assist food-processing firms.

CHEW ON THIS: Why Businesses are Choosing Rock County

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THE DELONG CO., a major supplier of food grains domestically and internationally, began its operations in Rock County over 80 years ago. Close proximity to grain producers, as well as congestion-free connectivity to major rail and port facilities, has enabled the DeLong Company to evolve into a leading, vertically integrated agribusiness.

FRITO-LAY was drawn to Rock County over 35 years ago because of the area’s strategic marketplace position, which has enabled the company to economically service its seven state service territory. The area’s dedicated workforce, as well as consistent public sector support, has facilitated critical investments that have continually positioned the Beloit division as a world-class production facility.

HORMEL FOODS was attracted to Rock County’s market proximity, as well as its human capital, over 30 years ago. The area’s proactive business climate and its progressive urban corridor revitalization efforts have cemented Hormel’s presence within the Stateline’s expanding Food Cluster.

KERRY INGREDIENTS & FLAVOURS originally chose Rock County as their home because of the area’s food manufacturing and transportation assets. With Beloit as their North American Headquarters, Kerry’s prominence as a global food technology company germinates from its ability to connect with key customers and its customized solutions. The area’s talented workforce, the proximity to critical markets and competitive operational costs all play a pivotal role in Kerry’s
continual success.

DIAMOND FOODS conducted an expansive site search and discovered that Rock County was the perfect location to anchor their Midwestern operation. The area’s close proximity to Wisconsin’s Central Sands potato growing area, the convergence of three interstates and the emphasis on sustainable development practices provided a perfect corporate match.

CHEW ON THIS: See All the Advantages Rock County Offers

• Located at the I-90/39 & I-43 Corridor.
• Close proximity to larger markets such as Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Rockford, and Chicago.
• Rail systems throughout the region.
• Regional airport featuring three multi-directional runways.
• Excellent workforce with specialized knowledge in the food processing and technology industry.
• Population density of 20 million within a five-hour radius.
• Generous business incentives and training grants.
• Permitting in as few as 30 days.
• Sustainable construction, management and processing is an area of focus.
• Diversified real estate portfolio — ranging from available build-to-suit sites to existing food-grade buildings.
• Competitively priced, reliable and right-sized utility infrastructure.
• Available food-grade distribution/warehouse space and 3PL providers.
•, an executive search firm specializing in the food industry and representing large and small food manufacturers and food companies across the U.S. — many of which are located in Rock County.

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    James Otterstein
    51 S. Main St.,
    Janesville, WI 53545


    Gale Price
    18 N. Jackson St.,
    Janesville, WI 53547


    Andrew Janke
    100 State St.,
    Beloit, WI 53511


    John Beckord
    51 S. Jackson St.,
    Janesville, WI 53548

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