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Featured Properties

    • 1555 Willowbrook Road, Beloit

      Available Bldg. Sq. Feet: 6,332
      Sale Price: To Be Discussed w/Seller                                                                                                                                                              Lease Price $12.00/SF

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    • Turtle Creek Land Development                                                                                                                                                                    (2000 Freeman-2102 Freeman-2651 Fuller)

      Available Lot Size: 18.75 Acres
      Sale Price: $1,500,000
      Zoning: One parcel R-3 and other two C-3

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    • L1 Prairie Avenue, Beloit

      Available Lot Size: 1.55 Acres
      Sale Price: $110,000
      Zoning: B-2

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    • The Gateway Business Park

      The Gateway Business Park

      Available Lot Size: 1.85-379.01 Acres
      Sale Price: as little as a $1.00/SF
      Lease Rate (Sq. Ft. Per Year): $22.00
      Zoning: C-1, M-1 and M-2

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  • Offers a central Midwest location with direct interstate access to Chicago, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee. Beloit is a community with a large and diverse workforce, as well as a rich industrial heritage.

    Featured Properties

    1555 Willowbrook Rd.
    Available Bldg. Sq. Feet: 6,332

    Sale Price: To Be Discussed
    w/Seller Lease Price $12.00/SF

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    Within 500 miles of Beloit: Beloit, WI

    of all U.S. population
    of all U.S. business operations
    of all U.S. manufacturing operations
    of all U.S. manufacturing volume
    of all U.S. capital investment by industry

    Beloit businesses can benefit from Greater Beloit’s strategic location. Our geographical location on the Illinois-Wisconsin border, midway between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River, puts us in the center of the U.S.A.’s biggest market-the Midwest. Speedy access to these markets is provided by the area’s diversified transportation systems. Interstate Highways 39, 90, and 43 link the area with other Wisconsin and Illinois communities, as well as the rest of the nation.

    We are in close proximity to 2 major cities; Chicago and Milwaukee, both within a 2 hour drive. Greater Beloit can offer ease of access to markets and suppliers for Beloit businesses. This is a highly significant factor in terms of freight costs and the increased emphasis on “Just-In-Time” production. With its strategic location and access to markets, Greater Beloit continually plays a big role in Wisconsin public economic development. In short, Greater Beloit can offer Beloit businesses the right location to expand or establish a business.

    News, People and Projects

  • “Reopen Guidelines for Businesses”

    May 8, 2020 – WEDC – Wisconsin businesses look forward to a future when they can return to providing the products and services their customers need and crave, unencumbered by threats to the health of their employees and those they serve. Working toward that future will require the gradual adoption of new business practices that reflect the evolving reality of the COVID-19 pandemic and our success in mitigating the effects of this unprecedented global health emergency.

    With input from national and state health and industry experts and in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, the Wisconsin Department of Tourism and our regional economic development partners, WEDC has compiled a series of industry-specific documents to help you get back to business while taking the necessary precautions to maximize safety. Following these guidelines will help us all get Wisconsin’s economy back on track.

    You are encouraged to bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates to guidelines and the addition of new industry documents.

    “Rising to Challenges: Navigating Through COVID-19 in Wisconsin”

    Mar. 20, 2020 -WEDC – The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation recently launched a business landing page on their website for businesses impacted by COVID-19. The landing page can be found here. This page is designed to provide the latest, best information on resources aimed at maintaining the vitality of the companies upon which our economy depends. As the volume of inquiries through WEDC phone lines and website prevents them from responding individually to people as they would like, they intend to regularly update this directory as new information and resources become available.

    Wright & Wagner Lofts

    Dec. 2019 – Hendricks Commercial Properties has announced the name of the new lofts to be located at the former Kerry Manufacturing site on W. Grand Ave.

    The Wright and Wagner Lofts project will add a 54-apartment, four-story building at the corner of Fourth Street and Grand Avenue with potential plans for two additional apartment buildings to be built on space closer to the Rock River. The lofts are named after the Wright and Wagner Dairy that once stood on the site. To inquire about space visit

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